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Pastels with Winchester

The positive impact that Pastel hues have within interior colour schemes is uplifting. You can’t help but adore the soft shades of mint, baby blues and blush and the calm atmosphere they can establish within a setting. Providing comfort in colour, pastels today are known for lending a relaxed feel to interior spaces and have come a long way from only being used in children’s bedrooms. Living areas, kitchens and bathrooms have seen a surge in pastel palettes and they’re most certainly here to stay.

Transitioning floors, earthy textures and neutral palettes – a gorgeous design project!

As a company, we receive great satisfaction in seeing our customer’s final project installations. We love to watch visions come to life and we’re continually captivated with how every customer puts their own unique stamp on their interior designs when using our products, and this couldn’t ring truer than with this case study.

Why wood-effect tiles are the perfect flooring choice for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Finding a stylish yet practical flooring solution for your kitchen and bathroom can be a challenging task – we’ve all been there. When it comes to bathrooms, most people typically require flooring that’s water-tight and, of course, slip-resistant. Whereas for kitchens you need something that’s easy to clean, hard-wearing and suitable for heavy traffic – especially for those of you who have a social soul, or a family, and your kitchen is the heart of the house. Also adding to the list of requirements is durability. With the average person updating their kitchen and bathroom every 10-15 years, you’re going to want to ensure your new flooring stands the test of time! Cue wood-effect tiles…