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Patterned Tiles: Stylish Designs for Walls

As well as colour and shape, texture and pattern are also key elements in interior design. So why not introduce some pattern into your tiling scheme to add interest and colour - whether you want to add a touch of flair to your country kitchen, or a statement to your contemporary bathroom, using patterned tiles can transform any area of the home.

5 Kitchen style ideas using tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home and often a difficult project to design whilst prioritising practicality. A great deal of thought goes into the look and feel of cabinetry, lighting, paint colours, furniture, fixtures and fittings, but does as much consideration go into selecting tiles? Many homeowners opt for paint on the walls to avoid having to install tiles, but this can be a false economy. Both wall and floor tiles provide a clean and hygienic surface that won’t be damaged by cooking splashes or constant wiping and can really enhance the finished look of the space.

Emerging Talent from Plymouth College of Art

Here at Original Style we’re continually working on product development and we have a deep passion for the creation of new designs and patterns. As a leading UK tile manufacturer and supplier, we endeavour to provide our customers with an ever expanding range of products to suit both technical and design requirements; from hard-wearing porcelain floor tiles suitable for high-traffic areas through to gorgeous residential bathroom tiles with sumptuous glazes and captivating patterns.