One bathroom - four ways with tiles

Friday 19 May 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

It can be hard to picture your bathroom makeover, especially if the space is looking tired and in need of an update. If you want to make the most out of your space as well as transform your bathroom, then it’s a good idea to explore lots of different options, even ones you haven’t considered before…

Your guide to choosing the right bathroom tiles

Friday 5 May 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

There are many factors to consider when updating your bathroom, from choosing a certain style as well as factoring in functionality, it could be a daunting process. So to make it a little easier, we’ve put together this guide to help you create the best bathroom for your home.

Our new Mosaics Collection

Friday 21 April 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

Our updated Mosaics collection has made us so excited here at Original Style! We’ve refined the range by removing some of the less popular products and added in 83 new and exciting products in a number of formats and materials. We believe this collection has something for everyone, from muted subtle hues to bold and daring statement shades, here’s the full scoop on our new collection…

Four tips for choosing the right colour tiles for your home

Friday 24 March 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

Choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen, bathroom, or any room in your home can be a difficult decision, especially with a myriad of colours available! It’s worth doing your research to find a colour scheme that you feel comfortable with (and can live with!) as well as one suited to the style of your home. We’ve put together four tips to help make the process less daunting and help you select the best tiles for your space…

Authentically English Tiles for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Friday 10 March 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

With British design still very much in demand it’s fair to say that Britain certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to creating fabulous interiors! Here at Original Style many of our products are made in our factory in Exeter, Devon, from decorative masterpiece tiles to detailed hand painted delft tiles.

Our New Tile Visualiser

Friday 17 February 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

We’re always thinking of ways to inspire our customers and help you to get the most out of our wide range of tiles, especially our Victorian Floor Tile collection. With this in mind we designed our new Tile Visualiser! Choose from four different rooms in the style most suited to your home and experiment with various patterns to help you choose the perfect colour scheme and overall look for your room.


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