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Welcome Home – A Victorian Floor Tile Hallway Makeover

Friday 16 June 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

When it comes to transforming small spaces, the hallway can be hard to design, especially in an older style Victorian house, where floors and walls are uneven. But this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style…

Tiles for every room in your home

Friday 18 November 2016, Written by Laura Tompkins

Tiles are a natural choice for kitchens and bathrooms, their hardwearing and durable qualities make them ideal for daily traffic, spills and easy maintenance. Whilst kitchens and bathrooms are undoubtedly logical places to use tiles, developments in design and materials mean there’s now even more choice in tiles that are suitable to use throughout the entire home!

A to Z of Tiling - H is for Hallways

Thursday 12 November 2015, Written by Laura Tompkins

The Hallway: The first place you see when you enter your home but often the room left to last when redecorating. Of course it makes sense to leave it until the end as when renovating the kitchen, lounge and upstairs the hallway is exposed to lots of wear and tear! But the hallway can really tie your home together and what’s more welcoming than a beautiful entrance?

How to choose hallway tiles

Friday 12 June 2015, Written by Sarah Cole

As the first thing you and your guests see when you enter your home, hallways are important to get right to create that all-important good first impression. Whether you want a grandiose area to impress visitors, or a cosy entrance that welcomes you home after a long day, it’s possible to create either of these environments using tiles.

Top tips for using Victorian floor tiles in porches, paths, gardens and halls

Friday 6 March 2015, Written by Sarah Cole

A warm welcome – a guide to choosing hallway tiles

Wednesday 27 November 2013, Written by Sarah Cole