A to Z: D is for decorative tiles

Friday 28 August 2015, Written by Sarah Cole Tags: A to Z, Decorative

Using decorative tiles, even in a small amount, can transform any area of the home. Whether you have a traditional property or prefer a contemporary look, decorative options are available in all sizes and formats so there’s bound to be something to suit your décor.

But where do you start? The sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming. We've narrowed down some of the most popular styles and put together some top tips for helping you achieve your desired look.

Traditional kitchens & bathrooms

Traditional and country kitchens and bathrooms are one of the most popular areas for using decorative tiles. Hand painted tiles and those with motifs can add charming country scenes to classic environments.

In kitchens, why not use relief tiles, such as Coupe de Fruits (shown right), as a splashback to create a focal point? Even using these in a neutral colour will draw the eye, giving it somewhere to rest. These details create a relaxed feel and a sense of warmth - perfect for a cosy country home.

Bathrooms, where we generally spend less time than other areas of the home, present the perfect opportunity for choosing a bold decorative scheme. Coral Reef tiles feature a gorgeously intricate underwater scene, every detail painted by hand by Original Style artists. These border tiles would look beautiful in a costal or classically styled home when paired with glossy square field tiles in neutral hues, adding a dash of colour that can be accentuated with accessories.

Patchwork tiles, such as Tapestry (shown top) look beautiful in either environment. The fresh combination of white and blue lends itself to kitchens and bathrooms. Use a combination of patterns for maximum effect - the colour scheme will ground the look so it doesn't become chaotic.

Contemporary kitchens & bathrooms

For those who prefer a more contemporary style - fear not! Decorative tiles can also lend themselves to a sleek scheme. Large format tiles are your friend here, with metallic glass tiles in Copper,Gold or Silver sure to make an impression. These are suitable for use in wet areas so would work well on bathroom walls or in kitchens as a splashback.

Bright, patterned tiles such as those in the Odyssey collection can also look very modern, particularly when used in a black and white palette - see Avignon (shown left). Geometric designs will create a beautiful focal area which is particularly effective on floors. Keep the rest of the look simple - plain large format tiles on walls for minimal grout lines.


Geometric Victorian floor tiles are the obvious choice for hallways, and will look beautiful. Practical too, they're easy to clean and can last for decades. Create a decorative effect with an intricate pattern in a wide range of colour combinations or pick a simpler one and add printed drop in tiles to elevate the whole look.

For more ideas, head over to our Inspiration pages or browse more images on Pinterest.

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