Are beige interiors boring?

Friday 26 June 2015, Written by Sarah Cole Tags: Natural Stone

Whilst we are staunch advocates of using colour, it would be remiss to ignore the lasting appeal of beige interiors. As surprising as it may seem, not everyone is a fan of vivid colour! So, is beige always boring or are there ways to inject some life into a neutral interior?

The issue that many people have with beige is that it can lack personality and look rather flat, but a series of clever tricks can help add depth. Try introducing different materials in a similar shade - the image above shows limestone floor tiles with a subtly patterned fabric in a similar shade, alongside rustic cream wood. Whilst the look is cohesive, the combination of finishes gives the eye something to rest on to provide a little variety.

Beige is a very popular choice in bathrooms. As they can be costly to renovate, many homeowners opt for a neutral scheme as it can be updated with accessories and is unlikely to offend future potential buyers in case of a sale. In this instance we'd opt for a natural stone tile, such as Chalon(shown right with a Negra black marble dot). Natural stone possess inherent variations in shade and texture, which adds more warmth than plain porcelain tiles which are strictly uniform in colour.

Another way of using beige is to use a neutral mosaic with a bit of texture and natural iridescence. Purity mosaic tiles are perfect for this - made from natural freshwater shells, they feature lots of different colours and shimmer beautifully in the light. 

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