Autumn colours - Yellow and Orange

Friday 26 September 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

With the official arrival of Autumn this week, we're already looking forward to the changing colours of the season into warm orange, browns, yellows and reds. With these colours all around us during the season, we naturally associate them with colder days and cosier living.

As a result, colours such as yellows and orange inspire a sense of warmth and can easily be incorporated into your scheme, as accents or standalone features.

As some of the warmest colours on the colour wheel, yellows and oranges complement each other perfectly, so can be combined to create an inviting and cosy scheme. There are many different shades out there, from soft pastel yellows to punchy mustard, bright orange to warm terracotta. Really bright pops of colour are well suited to a contemporary environment thanks to their vibrancy, whilst muted mustard yellows and terracotta oranges will work better in rustic or period style environments.

As these colours are so striking, it can be easy to go overboard, so a fool proof way of seamlessly incorporating them is to opt for small accents of each. In the above image, the duskiness of the yellow accents in these Ottoman tiles, works well with the warm orange and rustic nature of the pots. You don't need to use both colours in more permanent fixtures such as tiles, and remember to use accessories to continue your colour choice.

Yellow is a versatile shade to use, with its cheery hue often as much associated with spring as with falling autumn leaves. Why not invest in yellow tiles that can match the changing seasons with just a few small alterations in the accessories that you use?

The appeal of hues such as yellow and orange is that they look equally as beautiful with dark shades as light. Coupled with inky blacks - such as in these striking Tiger print tiles, the look is cosy and with white it becomes fresh and invigorating.

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