Christmas crafts: How to create a marble cheeseboard and rustic place setting

Friday 5 December 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

With gingerbread littering the office, Christmas trees going up and a chill in the air, we are starting to feel decidedly festive! Our shopping is well underway and thoughts are beginning to turn to those all important details - table settings, decorations and, perhaps most importantly, Christmas food.

To help your preparations we thought we would come up with a couple of easy DIY projects with tiles that could be done in an afternoon to add that all important personal touch to your décor.

DIY Marble Cheese Board

Marble is set to be a big trend in 2015, so get in there early with this gorgeous marble cheeseboard. This is a really easy Christmas craft with a beautiful final result. This would look great on your festive table, or would be a lovely gift for a friend or loved one.

To create this you will need:

- A marble tile - we used a 30 x 30cm tile
- Thin pieces of wooden trim - readily available at    your local DIY store.
- Gold paint - or whatever colour you prefer!
- Strong, quick-drying glue - we recommend an
  epoxy adhesive for strength, such as Araldite or
  Evo- Stik Rapid
- Self-adhesive rubber feet


- Cut your wood to the size of your tile to make a frame.
- Paint with your chosen colour and leave to dry.
- Once totally dry, apply glue to the wood pieces and stick to the edge of your tile. Press firmly and hold for a few     seconds. Continue until you have applied to all of the   sides.
- Apply the self-adhesive rubber feet to the corners of the underside of your tile to protect your work surface from   scratching and to ensure the board won't slip.

Be aware that marble can stain, so clean up any spills straight away! Wipe gently with a damp cloth and avoid using any strong chemical cleaners.

This craft is about as easy as it gets, all you need is a slate tile and a chalk pen in whatever colour you fancy. Have fun with this and draw your own festive design on the place setting - or create a personalised message for your guests! Just be sure to practice your best handwriting first…

The chalk pen wipes off easily with a damp cloth. Add self adhesive rubber feet if being placed on a surface that could scratch.

Let us know via Twitter  if you have a go at either of these craft ideas.

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