Emerging Talent from Plymouth College of Art

Thursday 13 June 2019, Written by Melissa Gunstone

Here at Original Style we’re continually working on product development and we have a deep passion for the creation of new designs and patterns. As a leading UK tile manufacturer and supplier, we endeavour to provide our customers with an ever expanding range of products to suit both technical and design requirements; from hard-wearing porcelain floor tiles suitable for high-traffic areas through to gorgeous residential bathroom tiles with sumptuous glazes and captivating patterns.

With many of our tiles being designed and manufactured at our production site in Exeter, Devon; we have the advantage of being able to respond quickly to changing market conditions and produce tiles which not only complement existing interior trends, but also establish new ones. With this in mind, we were absolutely thrilled when approached by Plymouth College of Art and asked to assist in the judging of a design project undertaken by BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design & Surface Pattern students.

Students had an 8-week period to put their design concepts together and we were absolutely blown away with the level of creativity and the professional presentations provided. It was undoubtedly clear that all students had invested considerable time within their research with careful consideration has been applied to tile shapes, materials and areas of use.

DSC 5515

Many of their design concepts explored a variety of textures, from stained glass and raised surfaces through to knitted wool and beach shells. Pattern repetition and multiple design faces were also considered, showcasing detailed thought behind sale-ability and validity within the marketplace.

DSC 5522 Inspired by our local beaches, this project showcased the popular scallop shell shape with additional coral and shell textures incorporated.
DSC 5548 Featuring knitted wool cast in plaster; this student was praised for her exploration in materials. The final tile design would be encased in perspex to ensure suitability for wet areas.
DSC 5521 Displaying delicate florals and a gorgeous pastel palette; this concept was bang on-trend and could easily be visualised in any traditional style kitchen or bathroom.
DSC 5553 Mimicking stained glass, we loved the bright colours and mesmerising patterns within the multiple faces of this students proposal.

What’s even more impressive, digital printing and other innovative techniques were explored in the Plymouth College of Art’s ‘Fablab’ enabling the students to apply the latest technologies to their concepts. One student had even deliberated environmental impacts and presented a tile material made from sustainable sources offering an innovative and future-led approach to tiling.

DSC 5539 'The Nature Regenerated Collection' - a sustainable approach to tiling.

All concepts were truly unique and we found the experience refreshing and incredibly inspiring. Due to the amount of talent, it was very difficult to recognise only one student, therefore, it was decided that there would be one overall winner and three runners up.

The overall winner, second-year student Hannah Perry, was selected due to her in-depth research, knowledge of market trends and presentation quality which would have been appropriate for any commercial boardroom. Her final concept showcased a product which not only met all aspects of the design brief but would also be well-received by the market due to the tile’s popular brick shape, complementary colourways, earthy pattern design and various design faces. Lauren Earl, Jessica Barber and Katherine Toms were all highly commended as runners-up.

DSC 5523 Winning Project by Hannah Perry
DSC 5524 Winning Project by Hannah Perry
DSC 5525 Winning Project by Hannah Perry
DSC 5528 Winning Project by Hannah Perry

The Original Style team thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this experience and it was exciting to meet and witness the talent emerging from Plymouth College of Art.

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