Green With Envy

Friday 6 September 2013, Written by Tags: Colours

2013 has been an excellent year for green, starting with Pantone (the world’s leading authority on colour) announcing at the beginning of the year that the colour of 2013 was to be Emerald.

Whilst green has long been a favourite for homeowners and interior designers alike, it certainly seems to have had particular success this year. But what is it about green and why should we care?

There are many reasons – the first being that green is an incredibly versatile colour suited to any area of the home. Whilst some other shades might be more typically associated with certain zones (such as blues in bathrooms) green is something of a chameleon and is much loved in a wide range of environments. There has been a great deal of research into the psychological effects of green, and it is widely believed to promote feelings of balance, calm and serenity, perhaps thanks to its connection with the natural world.

Green can be dramatic or soothing depending on the shade you choose. Rich tones with a hint of turquoise or blue suggest luxury, whilst lighter greens are fun and relaxing. If you’re using green in your bathroom design, on trend tiles in a pale green or mint shade could create the sanctuary you are after.

Frosted glass tiles such as Amazon and Nile would all look beautiful in a bathroom setting as they are soothing, whilst the frosted effect of the tiles won’t jar the senses. If you want to inject a sense of drama and fun, you could use a dark mosaic in glass that will reflect light – perhaps as a splashback in an otherwise plain kitchen. Or why not opt for tiles with texture? 

Green can be coupled with a range of other colours and effects to add an exciting or glamorous edge. Green really pops when combined with contrasting colours or can look luxurious when coupled with glittering gold, such as in the Sadiola mosaics.

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