Heavy Metal: using the industrial style trend

Friday 14 November 2014, Written by Sarah Cole Tags: Trends

The trend for industrial style interiors has been key this year, becoming a firm favourite of designers and homeowners alike. Architectural features are much coveted, with aspects such as exposed brick or pipework and steel beams providing the perfect starting point for an industrial style home. That's not to say that you can't create this style of interior in your home, though - below we've listed just a few ways of creating the look if you're starting from scratch.

Exposed bricks/textures

If you don't have exposed brick, why not fake it? There are lots of companies that produce very realistic wallpapers that accurately replicate the look of brick, so with relatively little effort it's easy to introduce. You don't have to go for brick if it's not your style, splitface stone mosaics come in a variety of colours, such as grey, and are excellent for adding texture with a bit of an edge - perfect for industrial chic.

Metallics & metals

Metallics are integral to achieving the industrial style but stick to coppersteel and darker metallics rather than glittering gold. Burnished copper pendants can be an excellent way of warming up the look and ensuring your scheme doesn't become too harsh. Replica tiles, such as Metallic Steel (shown top) are a really practical way of using this style as the look won't change over time.


You can finish off an industrial scheme with certain styles of furniture. Hairpin or similar metal legs and rough wood are ideal, so look for pieces with these features. Salvage yards can be excellent resources for slightly beaten up furniture - you don't want anything too tidy.

Concrete effect

Concrete walls and floors are another popular feature of industrial interiors, but they need to be sealed properly in order to protect against staining. Concrete effect tiles can be an excellent substitute. Made from porcelain, they are exceptionally hard wearing and can be used on walls and floors. What's more, they are incredibly realistic.

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