How to create beach style in your home

Friday 3 July 2015, Written by Sarah Cole Tags: Wood Effect, Decorative

Coastal style will never go out of fashion. One of the reasons it’s so effective is because it plays into our desires. Whether we’ll soon be jetting off to a beachside location or just wish that we were, coastal tones and textures conjure up images of turquoise water alongside bright white sand. Who wouldn’t want to emulate the feeling of freedom and relaxation this brings in their home?

Coastal hues

A staple of this particular style is blue in all its forms. From pale blue shades to rich turquoise and aqueous cerulean, you can mix and match different tones as you please. Using different blue hues will a harmonious look as well as capturing the feel of the ocean's constantly changing colours. Shades of cream and white give a nod to natural white sandy beaches, and contrasts with the richness of blue perfectly and creating freshness. If you favour pops of colour, you could include soft yellow to add the suggestion of sun.


Certain materials also lend themselves to a coastal theme, such as distressed woods, glistening shells or rustic pebbles. Use these sparingly, to add a sense of a natural environment - but don't go overboard (pun intended). Tongue and groove panelling works well on walls, as do mosaic tiles in natural shell - their natural iridescence will also introduce depth and reflect light around your space. Whilst natural wood looks fantastic, it isn't always suitable for all spaces, so try wood effect tiles for long lasting beauty. It's hardwearing, durable, can be used with underfloor heating and good replicas are almost impossible to distinguish from real wood.

Beach motifs

Some images naturally transport us to the beach, such as a sailing ship, a little fish or a nautical compass or anchor. These charming scenes are a trigger for things that we naturally associate with seaside locations, and add extra detail to a scheme. Whether you opt for a framed print, ornament or drop in decorative tile, the effect will be striking.

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