Moroccan Bazaar – easy ways to create an exotic interior

Friday 13 February 2015, Written by Sarah Cole Tags: Trends

Alongside indigo and geometrics, Moroccan styles are undoubtedly one of the strongest trends of the year. Whilst not brand new (it was a strong trend in the second half of 2014 too) it definitely shows signs of remaining for quite a while yet. So how can you incorporate this look into your home?

First of all, before you go all out on following a trend make sure it's something you can live with prior to making any significant changes to your interior. Tiles, for example, are a considerable investment in terms of time and effort, but if you choose carefully you'll be rewarded with a beautiful and functional feature for many, many years. The Moroccan trend is gorgeous but bold, so lay out your chosen tiles and live with them for a couple of days before you commit. Strong colours including indigos and warm reds (such as those shown top in the Constantinople tile) are key to the look, so make them the main feature of the room. Strong patterns that resemble lattice effects are the most recognisable motif of this trend so keep the rest of the look simple in order to keep the focus on your chic Moroccan tiles.

Creating a splashback from bold tiles is a good compromise, as you don't have to commit to a large expanse and this can create a focal point in your interior.

If you're not ready to commit to the full look, DIY it! Moroccan style patterned tiles make great coasters, and can give a nod to the theme. Combine this with intricate lanterns, rustic pottery and warm hues to transport you to the bazaars of Marrakech. 

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