Original Style visits Munich

Friday 7 February 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

Those of you who are familiar with Original Style may already know that we have over 2,000 top quality retailers selling our tiles around the globe. 500 of these are based in Europe with 150 in Germany alone. This keeps our press department very busy indeed! We try to support our dealers as much as possible by working closely with press in the UK, across Europe and beyond to increase awareness of our products.

Last week we visited Germany to catch up with our friends in the media and to let everybody know what we’ve been working on and what’s in store in the coming months.

And so we headed to Munich, with a dusting of snow gracing the fields as we flew towards the airport. Once we arrived, we headed to one of our dealers in the city to let them know about the new stone products we have just launched, the new white Viano marble proved particularly popular.

The following days were full and we met with some of the most popular magazines in Germany as well as visiting local dealers to unveil our new products and let them know what will soon be launched. Our new Earthworks products proved to be a big hit, with the white Viano marble and grey Salina marble gaining particular interest.

The Odyssey range, with its intricate patterns, was popular with traditional and contemporary publications alike, who could envisage its usage in a wide variety of settings. The huge number of products recently launched to sister brand The Winchester Style Company were well liked, with everyone fascinated by the traditional methods we still use to manufacture these products in Exeter, Devon.

All in all the visit was a huge success, with positive feedback from the journalists we met, who all expressed interest in our products.

We have more trips planned in the coming months to support our dealers and strengthen our ties with the media, so keep your eyes peeled as we may be coming to a city near you soon!

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Original Style in Exeter, Devon, UK on Houzz