Pantone’s Spring 2015 colour palette – what’s the verdict?

Friday 12 September 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

Anyone who has a passing interest in the fashion or interiors worlds will be familiar with Pantone, the global authority on colour. Pantone's swatch cards are used worldwide as the point of reference for designers in all industries, so when Pantone announces its colour palette for Spring 2015, the creative worlds take note!

This time, Pantone has taken an interesting turn towards colours that are noticeably more muted and calm. Many of the colours are still very strong, but in a subtler way than we have seen in Pantone's previous colours of the year (Radiant Orchid - the shade of 2014 - springs to mind).

Pantone says that this palette reflects 'a move toward the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum' which, we have to say, is very welcome! We discussed just last week how green is still a popular trend, not least due to its connection with the natural world which is very in tune with Pantone's palette which takes 'a cue from nature'. Just a few weeks before that we explored how blue has become one of the biggest trends of the season (particularly darker shades similar to Pantone's Classic Blue). This seems set to continue well into 2015, with various blue hues featuring heavily in Pantone's Spring palette.

There's no arguing with the inclusions of Glacier Grey and Titanium in this list, as grey has become unwaveringly popular all over the world. Regular readers of this blog will know that we love grey!

So what do you think? Are there any colours that you love or hate? Do you think Pantone's colour of 2015 could be nestled somewhere in this palette? Let us know via Twitter or get some inspiration on using these colours in your home.

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