Q&A - What tiles should I use for my conservatory floor?

Friday 17 April 2015, Written by Sarah Cole Tags: Victorian Flooring, Floor

As part of a new series, we’ll be taking a look at some commonly asked tile-related questions and offering design and practical advice. There are lots of things to consider when you choose tiles; from material to size, colour, maintenance and how they will be installed… we’re here to help!

This week we were asked about conservatory floors. As an area that connects directly to the outside, it gets lots of use, traffic and rough treatment in the form of water and mud.

Q: I would like to use tiles for my conservatory flooring, but they would need to be durable as the conservatory will be the main thoroughfare outside. What can you recommend?

A: Conservatories are an ideal place to use tiles due to their hardwearing qualities.  Opt for a ceramic or porcelain product for easy maintenance and durability. Depending on the tiles you choose, they may need to be impregnated and sealed after installation but this will ensure they are protected against stains, easier to clean and able to cope with mud or moisture from the garden. Products like our Victorian geometric floor tiles (shown top in the Hexham pattern) will need to be sealed, whereas porcelain or ceramic usually do not, but it's best to check your individual tile. These tiles can also be installed with underfloor heating so your conservatory will stay cosy all year round.

In terms of aesthetics, traditional products that give a nod to bygone eras, such as the Victorian style, are popular. Gorgeous patterns can be made up from individual pieces so you can be as creative as you like, or you can select a pattern from pre-designed styles.

If you prefer something more exotic, Odyssey can offer a selection of patterns inspired by cultures and architecture from around the globe. Or, if your tastes are more minimalistic, head to Tileworks for chic, modern concrete effectstone effectwood effect or plain tiles in a pared back palette and a range of sizes. Some tiles, like Pietra di Pirigani, also give you two options - one for use indoors and one 'structured' tile which has an enhanced slip rating making it suitable for outdoors. This means you can create a seamless look from inside to out. 

For more ideas, head over to our Inspiration pages or browse more images on Pinterest.

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