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Thursday 27 June 2013, Written by Tags: Colours

Inject some vibrant colour with Original Style’s colour of the month

The colour red is often on homeowners’ wishlists when it comes to decoration and renovation. Conjuring up images of passion, vibrancy and warmth it can completely change the dynamic of a room. Sometimes red can be overpowering, so it can be better to use it sparingly and strategically to ensure your look is dramatic without going over the top.

Firstly consider the shade of red you might use as this will affect the resulting look. There is a plethora of options, from a cherry red that really pops to a warm, rustic terracotta shade. The latter can be a good compromise if plunging straight into bright red seems a bit bold.

Consider the finish too – are you after all-out glamour? If so, iridescent mosaics are an excellent way of creating a show stopping finish. Light catches glass mosaics and those with an iridescent finish shimmer beautifully, changing when lit in different ways.

Glass tiles look great in bright red, as the glossy finish enhances the colour for a truly gorgeous look. If you’re using your tiles as a statement piece such as a splashback, consider using a contrasting grout colour to heighten the look even further. Try bevelled Ebro tiles from the Glassworks range.

Sometimes accents of red can be just as effective as an entire wall, particularly against an otherwise neutral palette. Detailed patterns with elements of rich red look gorgeous when used in large spaces. The benefit of using small amounts of red means you can make the most of it by accentuating the colour with additional accents in the form of cushions, wall art or curtains.

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