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Friday 5 July 2013, Written by Tags: Decorative, Mosaics, Wall

Metallic rarely goes out of fashion and can be seen in a vast range of interiors products, from fabrics to accessories and, of course, tiles. But why does this trend have such longevity? The simple answer is that metallics are beautiful, striking and, as they are so versatile, practical too. Metallic products come in a vast range of colours and finishes and are perfect for making a statement in any area of the home.

The obvious choice for a metallic shade is glowing gold which can look absolutely beautiful when teamed with warm wood. From bright yellow gold to vintage ‘old gold’ shades the choice is all but endless, but gold tiles encased in glass are a practical yet chic option.

As with many design-led styles, less is definitely more. Why not tile a feature wall with shimmering metallics? If you have a choice of walls within your space, try and choose the one that receives the most natural light so the look will change at various points of the day.

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, opt for copper, aluminium or other metals. Naturally metallic, these are less obvious choices so can create an individual and charming finish.

If you love the metallic look but want to use them in a wet area, where many metal products aren’t suitable, you can fake it. Glass tiles that give the impression they have been forged from wrought iron could help you achieve the look you desire with the convenience of glass.

Metallic finishes aren’t limited to metal and metal-look though, and many products offer a metallic sheen or finish. To make a real statement, colours such as hot pink, deep purple, inky black and warm brown are finished off nicely with a complementary metallic shine.

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