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Friday 18 October 2013, Written by Sarah Cole Tags: Bathroom

A recent item in the Daily Express cited new research suggesting that approximately a quarter of Britons never take baths. Rather than becoming a nation of non-bathers, it seems that we are instead turning to showering, often taking less than a minute to do so. There are a number of factors that could be prompting this shift; lack of time, worries about our water bills or the environmental effects of indulgent baths, but whatever the reason, perhaps it’s time to invest in making your shower as beautiful and inviting a space as a luxurious tub?

Increasingly, the trend (for those who have space) seems to be to invest in a tub for lounging when time permits, as well as a separate shower for daily bathing. The possibilities associated with your shower are numerous – will you have a shower cubicle or wet room? A full enclosure or a minimal screen to control splashes?

Once the design is finalised, you can consider your surfaces and the finish you’d like. This is an area where tiles come into their element, both as a design feature and a practical lifestyle choice. There are few materials that work as well within a shower and with so many materials, sizes and shapes, you can afford to experiment.

Mosaics look beautiful in shower environments, but not every product is able to cope with a constant deluge of water, so do check suitability. Most glass mosaics are shower safe and look gorgeous, with droplets of water constantly changing the face of the reflective surface.

Large format, decorative glass tiles such as Pharaoh from our Glassworks range (shown top), look very dramatic, especially if used in small doses such as within a shower cubicle. Whilst these tiles look as if they are made from wrought iron, this is actually a very clever decorative effect, making them as practical as they are beautiful.

Mix and match is a great way of creating interest, so why not combine different tiles in complementary colours on adjacent walls? These Caribbean mosaics and Mississippi large format glass tiles are from the same palette, whilst the changing surfaces work effortlessly together to create an attractive scheme.

Bright colours work here too, with zingy shades perfect for encouraging you to get going in the morning. Why not tile your shower cubicle in a bright hue, whilst keeping the rest of the scheme neutral? It’ll create a focal point that won’t overwhelm. If you prefer a pared back look, choose tiles that have texture or depth in the material, such as mosaics which offer variation. As it’s a small area you can afford to be brave with your choice. 

For more ideas, head over to our Inspiration pages or browse more images on Pinterest.

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