The Green Tile Trend

Monday 19 November 2018, Written by Melissa Gunstone

Every few years, the popularity in green tiles surge – and, guess what, it’s that time again! Although they don’t appeal to everyone, you cannot dispute the class and elegance that a green colour palette brings to a space, and we for one, absolutely adore this reoccurring trend.

What’s particularly wonderful about embracing the green tile style is that there are varying intensities. For those of you who love bold, dramatic colours – an emerald green may be an exciting choice. Whereas, those who are looking for more subtle influences perhaps a teal, pattern or pastel palette would be more applicable.

If you’re thinking about incorporating green tiles into your home, we’ve picked out some of our favourites from various collections to provide you with some green-spiration!

Original Style_Artworks_Victorian Green E9928, E9000, E9903 with Earthworks Marble Floor Tiles_landscape.jpg

Artworks - Victorian Green

Victorian Green, from our Artworks collection, is one of our most popular green tiles. Intense and rich in colour, this tile is a timeless classic. During the Victorian era, strong bold colours such as emerald greens, gold, burgundy, crimson and intense blues were of great interest and were used in the ‘best’ rooms of Victorian households.

Adding to the grandeur of this tile, various mouldings are also available. From the characterful Egg & Dart, Victoria, and Skirting through to the decorative Scroll and Hogarth borders. Pair Victorian Green with any of these mouldings and you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful space full of character and charm.

Original Style_Living_Hothouse CS2114-6030_1.jpg

Living – Eden

The Eden range will be loved by those who relish in the colour of rolling hills, wild woods and tropical paradise. Eden enables you to bring the outside in and is a subtle, modern approach to the green tile trend.

Bespoke Path Red Green Buff Dover White Holkam Dune 5.jpg

Victorian Floor Tiles

Our most renowned collection features a gorgeous, classic green which can be incorporated into various patterns and borders. Team with Regency Bath and Old London for an earthy colour palette or Black and Dover White for a striking, contemporary look.  

For more ideas, head over to our Inspiration pages or browse more images on Pinterest.

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