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Friday 13 September 2013, Written by Tags: A to Z

This week, we continue exploring the various benefits of different tile materials. So far we have covered ceramic and glass, so be sure to catch up if you missed these instalments. This week, we take a look at beautiful natural stone.

Stone has been used in the building and creation of homes for centuries, from castles to palaces and mosaics around the globe. Renowned for its natural and hardwearing properties, the popularity of this material has endured, so it’s not surprising that stone tiles have become a staple of interior design in the modern day.

When it comes to interiors, stone tiles have the ability to straddle both rustic and glamorous themes. By its very nature, stone is uneven and irregular, but this is where it gains its charm. In its most basic form, stone is rough around the edges with a variety of naturally occurring colours that make it an excellent choice for adding interest in a wide range of settings. Coupling rough stone with natural wood or neutral colours will add a sense of simplicity and traditionalism, whilst combining dramatic dark stone with a bright colour kitchen cabinet creates a pleasing contrast.

The texture of natural stone tiles is perhaps one of its most attractive features. The ruggedness and natural pits in the surfaces hark to the development of the material over hundreds of thousands of years. The texture of stone tiles can be used to create depth in a neutral scheme, or to anchor a colourful when. When lit, stone can cast beautiful shapes and textured mediums look set to continue to gain popularity throughout 2013, well into 2014.

For those who are a tad more straight edged, honed and filled stone tiles such as limestone supply the beautiful hues associated with stone, but with a regularity that makes the overall look far more polished.

One of the benefits of using stone in your interior is that it is one of the few materials that looks better as it ages. As stone is porous, it will need to be properly treated and sealed, but your effort will be rewarded with a beautiful interior that will last and develop over the years.

Why not experiment, or browse our product library, to see the wide range of available materials? From rustic terracotta to polished marbledramatic black limestone to timeless slate, there is a type of stone to suit every property. Mix and match tiles of various sizes for an uneven look, or choose regular large format brick shaped tiles for a sophisticated finish.

For more ideas, head over to our Inspiration pages or browse more images on Pinterest.

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