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Friday 20 September 2013, Written by Tags: Bathroom

Bathrooms have long been one of the most obvious and practical areas to make use of tiles. The nature of the space calls for a tough surface that is able to withstand constant splashes, wet floors and condensation. No matter what material or style you favour, whether it’s ceramic, porcelainglass or even natural stone, all can be used in the bathroom with proper installation and treatment.

Some tiles are better suited to particular décor themes. From traditional to rustic, modern or eclectic, tiles can add to the feel of the space, so ensure you take this into consideration when choosing for your space.

So how do you go about creating a traditional look and feel in your home?

Sticking to a neutral colour palette can help to create a sense of the traditional, as bright pops of colour tend to be more associated with contemporary interiors. Picture pastel shades, soft greys and crisp whites coupled with striking fixtures and fittings. That’s not to say that you can’t use colour though – many roll top baths have exteriors that can take paint, so pick up your brush and inject colour in a shade complementary to the rest of your palette.

With details such as tiles that are unlikely to be changed frequently, it makes sense to choose something that you think you will be able to live with for years to come. Simple, glossy field tiles are a great choice for this reason, but if you’re more hip than square mix it up by choosing a brick shape. The trend for metro and brick tiles is refusing to fade and fresh white metro tiles can be the perfect backdrop for a traditional bathroom as they won’t battle for focus, but will be striking when noticed.

Traditional doesn’t need to be boring, so bring in modern elements to keep the look fresh without losing period charm. Patterned tiles in a soft palette, such as grey Harlequin tiles, feature a contemporary geometric pattern in an easy to live with hue. Combined with elements such as period style tubs, the finish is stunning. 

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