Travel inspired interiors

Friday 1 August 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

Whether you're a regular traveller or dreaming of that far flung destination you'd love to visit someday, we all have exotic locations on our wish list. Have you ever considered recreating this look when you get home, or introducing some travel inspired elements to your interiors scheme?

Creating memories

There are many ways to incorporate the look of exotic and far flung destinations in your home, from framing holiday snaps and photographs of your favourite places or iconic designs and architecture. Whilst away, visit local markets and stores to purchase souvenirs that will bring an element of the place home with you, evoking memories whenever you see it.

Recreating the look

Alongside artisanal accessories, you can recreate the look of particular destinations in the way that you decorate. For example, patterned tiled floors are very reminiscent of hot places like the Mediterranean and certain colours lend themselves to this feel. Warm reds are very Spanish, whilstmustard yellows and rich indigos can feel quite Moroccan. Patterns can be really evocative too - traditional lantern and lattice patterns are great examples of iconic motifs. The key is to find a pattern, colour or design that speaks to you and mentally transports you back to your much-loved destination.

Don't go overboard

The most authentic travel-inspired designs rely on a few key features to make this look work. The best way is to create a suggestion of the exotic, rather than covering your walls with maps. Small sculptures, earthenware pots or beautiful tiles can be enough when used properly. 

For more ideas, head over to our Inspiration pages or browse more images on Pinterest.

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