What does luxury mean to you?

Friday 19 June 2015, Written by Sarah Cole Tags: Natural Stone, Trends

When we talk about interior design, luxury is a word that comes up often.

Inspired by the fascinating 'What is Luxury?' exhibition currently on at the V&A museum in London, we thought we'd take a closer look at what this phrase means and how you can bring it into your own home.

According to this exhibition: 'Luxury production represents an investment in time.' This is why we talk about using premium finishes in your bathroom in order to make that rare time you spend soaking in the tub feel that much more indulgent. Using tiles or products that make you feel like you are spending time in a special place will make the experience much more enjoyable.

The V&A also says that 'Making luxury is not concerned with practical solutions but with the extraordinary, non-essential and exclusive' which is perhaps the crux of defining it. Luxury items are not everyday products that we need on a practical level - they should represent an indulgence. Whether this means investing in a gorgeous patterned tile floor that lifts your spirits whenever you see it, or unique Mother of Pearl mosaics that elevate the look of your space. These products go beyond the essential - you could have plain white porcelain for that!

Ultimately, the definition of luxury is a deeply personal one as it comes down to individual preferences and tastes. Fortunately, the range of products and choice available for our homes means that we are free to create this look ourselves, within our own budgets. Why not consider what your idea of luxury is during your next renovation project? Could tiles help to elevate the space? There are many clever ways of incorporating high end finishes that can add that all-important wow factor and sense of indulgence. From chic mosaic borders, to gleaming polished marble and hand printed patterned tiles, there's something to suit all tastes.

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