Our impressive collection of stone-effect tiles look and feel just like natural stone. From the detailed veining in Mediterraneo, mixed format options of Amelia and the outdoor suitable Kaamos; we have a stone-effect tile for all styles and settings.

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Best seller CI-000483
Tileworks Hartland Abbey
£10.60 - £32.06 / Piece

£59.95 - £59.97 / m2

Tileworks Galana
£14.30 - £15.46 / Piece

£42.91 - £42.97 / m2

Tileworks Travertino Navona
£43.16 - £48.56 / Piece

£59.73 - £60.00 / m2

Best Seller CI-000185
Tileworks Amelia Matt
£5.80 - £17.70 / Piece

£44.92 - £44.96 / m2

Best seller IMG-004796
Best seller IMG-004454
Best seller CI-000361
Best seller CI-000358
Set Descending Direction

19 Items

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