10 reasons to choose wood effect tiles

Friday 15 August 2014, Written by

Wooden flooring can be beautiful. But there are many areas where it is simply not suitable around the home. Now you can get the effect without the disadvantages of real wood with our amazing range of Tileworks wood effect tiles made from porcelain. Wood effect tiling - why wouldn't you?

  1. They really do look like real wood, from dark tones to a pale, bleached effect
  2. There is so much choice so there is bound to be one that will look stunning, whatever your room style
  3. Can be used near hot stoves and fireplaces and also in bathrooms and kitchens where wood and wood laminates can suffer from constant exposure to water splashes
  4. Long lasting and very hard wearing
  5. Porcelain tiles, once installed, will stay flat. Wood and particularly wood laminates can curl up over time
  6. Suitable to use with underfloor heating
  7. Some have very low slip potential, so perfect for bathrooms and also as garden decking
  8. Low maintenance - easy to keep clean and there is no need for regular wax, wood oil or other special treatments
  9. These tiles won't  drastically fade or change colour (wood planking can fade in strong sunlight)
  10. You can even put them on the wall and other vertical surfaces

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