9 reasons to choose green tiles

Thursday 4 September 2014, Written by

The colour green is loved by many and not surprisingly there are 100s of shades ranging from palest eau-de-nil to deep British racing green, with Emerald Green as the Pantone colour of 2013. Here's a list of reasons why green is good for your home:

  1. It has positive psychological properties such as peace and harmony
  2. Green links us to nature so bring the outside in - green house plants and foliage increase positive feelings and reduce stress
  3. It works beautifully with other colours: fresh green and white is a crisp combination, muted and mossy soft tones go well with natural materials such as stone and wood
  4. Don't believe that blue and green shouldn't be seen, they are made for each other!
  5. It's traditional - we have 5 shades of Green in Artworks, our heritage range of glossy ceramic wall tiles and authentic mouldings
  6. It's authentic - original Victorian floor tile patterns incorporate green with the other traditional colours of black, white, buff and blue
  7. It's modern - lime green Glassworks Splashbacks glass tiles are stunning in kitchens, promoting a clean and bright environment
  8. Add zing to a colour scheme by using green as an accent
  9. Emerald green communicates luxury and elegance (as in the jewel)

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