A-Z of tiling M is for Mirror Tiles

Monday 15 February 2016, Written by

Our mirror tiles have proved so popular we've just added more to the Glassworks Collection, so now you've got something new and something (that looks ) old on the same tile. New as in new colours of White, Grey and Copper and also in the ever popular brick format, and old as in the beautiful antique patina, giving the mirror (and your room) a mysterious and dramatic look.

The reflective qualities of tiles and mosaics can be used to great effect around the home. Bevelled mirror tiles look amazing in the way the angled edges reflect and bounce the light around. There are bright pops of colour for kitchen splashbacks and soft iridescent hues of Mosaics. Choose El Divino mosaics or Platinum and Gold from Artworks for full on glamour.

Read the Style File for more on the latest mirror glass, visit our Pinterest pages for inspiration and browse through our tiles to find the perfect tiles for your next tiling project.