B is for brick tiles

Thursday 30 July 2015, Written by

Most wall and floor tiles are either square or rectangular in shape, no matter what size they are. The brick shape - either half a square or narrower rectangle - is quite rightly incredibly popular and it's also very versatile too.

It's always best to consider the configuration of your brick tiles long before committing adhesive to trowel (see our Tiling Guide for fixing instructions). Decide on the overall look you want to achieve and what suits your particular style, for example brickbond or herringbone.

For walls, why not try contrasting grout colours? For added interest try the bevel edged brick tiles in Artworks and Glassworks. Just choosing a rectangular large format floor tile instead of a square can take your room from conventional to contemporary - check out Tileworks and Earthworks for a huge range of porcelain and natural stone floor tiles. Some of our Mosaics sheets incorporate the brick shape already laid out in pleasing brickbond patterns. The Winchester Tile Company  includes brick shaped ceramic wall tiles in many different colours, some with an attractive crackle glaze.

The Style File this week has much more on choosing brick tiles, and as always there is more inspiration to be found on our Pinterest boards.