Behind the scenes of our design teams

Friday 19 June 2020, Written by Laura Tompkins

Here at Original Style, we’re proud to manufacture many of our tile collections on-site, at our factory in Exeter Devon. Our story is unique and we're very fortunate to have a talented team of passionate designers and craftspeople who create tile patterns, glazes and hand-paint and decorate tiles that you’ll love for years to come.

Designed in Devon – For a unique and on-trend patterned tile, take a look at our Living collection. All 36 designs have been created by our designers and printed in our Devon Factory offering a style for everyone’s taste. From delicate florals to bold animal prints and even iridescent options, the Living collection has it all.

Gorgeous Glazes – Our many glazes are also created on-site in our Devon factory. Our Artworks collection uses a range of rich, glossy glazes in classic colours as well as some, cool, contemporary greys and creams. The Winchester collection has a more rustic feel with undulating glazes in many tones and textures with our designers creating a wide selection of offerings including rustic bricks, decorated field tiles and even farmhouse style tile panels. 

Hand-painted and decorated – Inspired by places and styles from around the globe and throughout the ages, our Odyssey collection offers a wide selection of decorated tiles. Think Moroccan bazaars or Turkish pottery, these tiles will transform the walls and floors in your home or garden. Many Odyssey tiles are hand-finished so each are a work of art in their own right, they are also designed and produced by skilled craftspeople in our factory.

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Our talented designers

create an array of beautiful and unique patterns

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Handled with care

our delicate mouldings are fired and glazed in our Devon factory

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We love what we do!

tiles are our passion as well as our craft

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Innovative technology

allows us to create a number of dynamic pattern options

Original Style Odyssey Mezzo Mixed Lifestyle Feature 4

A world of inspiration

choose from a whole host of styles, trends and finishes