Beige can be beautiful

Thursday 25 June 2015, Written by

Beige. Although interior designers may shy away from 'the b-word' as much as 'the m-word' (Magnolia. Enough said!), they do love and always will be in love with a neutral colour palette, which includes shades of beige. Think in terms of 'beige' being just another name for a pale sandy, creamy, fawn colour instead. Neutrals are classic, in fashion as well as interiors. They form a blank canvas which can be embellished with bold accents or layered with other neutral tones to create a calm, sophisticated room that will stay that way, long after short term trends have been and gone.

When considering neutral toned tiles for walls and floors you'll have a lot to choose from, as we have many natural stone tiles and mosaics and Tileworks porcelain stone-effect formats in warm and cool shades of pale sand, taupe, mushroom, ecru, coffee, oatmeal and yes, of course, beige. Looking for a more traditional style? Ceramic wall tiles and mouldings from La Belle Collection and Artworks include Eucalyptus, Ecru, Sepia and Palladian Beige (also available in a metro tile). Our Glassworks and Mosaics ranges include more neutral shades such as Ganges, Chico and Sala as well as bolds and brights.

Our Style File this week asks 'are beige interiors boring?' Here are some ideas to convince you that beige can be beautiful and not boring at all. We're looking forward to seeing your tweets about beige too! Don't forget to look at our Pinterest boards for more inspiration.