Blending the rules

Friday 5 June 2015, Written by

This week's Style File makes the case for combining different materials together. If you approach planning the surface decoration of your walls and floors as you would plan your clothes and accessories it starts to make sense. With clothes, a match-y match-y style can look overworked, and it can be the same in interior design. But before you commit to anything it's a good idea to try out different looks and materials by creating a 'mood board'.

Get in the mood
When you are looking for inspiration or working out if colours/materials/styles/textures look great together (or not), take a tip from interior designers and put a mood board together. Tear out photos from magazines, search for images on Pinterest, get sample tiles from your local retailer, collect fabric and wallpaper swatches, ribbons, gather leaves, pebbles, feathers, paint colour cards, make brush strokes of paint on pieces of card and sketch your ideas - in fact anything that appeals! Place items together on a board or in a box to see how they look. Try looking at the items in different lighting conditions too.

Here are a few ideas of mixing it up to tempt you into getting creative for your next tiling project.

Read our Style File for more ideas, visit Pinterest to collect more inspirational images or get in touch with your local dealer to discuss your project.