Earthworks 2015 Collection

Friday 11 September 2015, Written by

Stone tiling - inspired by nature

Natural stone is beautiful. It has been used for sculptures, buildings and interiors for thousands of years. If you look after them, tiles made from natural stone will repay your care and continue to look fantastic for many years.  Now we've added new tiles to our Earthworks collection you've got even more tiles for wall and floor to choose from.

Our Terracotta tiles are handmade in Spain and these two new hexagons bring a traditional material right up to date. They look stunning in a conservatory, kitchen or hallway and the tones of reds, yellows and gold add a warm and homely feel to a room.

Marble: now we've added Castel, a gorgeous soft dove grey in a range of sizes and trims, both polished and honed.  Bricks sized 150 x 75mm of tumbled marble in seven different colours. The tumbling ensures an aged finish and softened edge. The brick shape lends itself to different pattern layouts such as brickbond and chevrons - why not experiment to see which layout you find the most appealing in your room.

Granite is a solid, strong stone and so perfect for tiles on walls and floors. The grey tones of Mohala and Cinder and the dense black of Doma work well in kitchens and bathrooms. The highly polished finish will reflect light, honed is soft and smooth to the touch and suitable for bathroom flooring as well as walls. Flamed is a textured and slightly roughened finish has low slip potential which makes it ideal for floors in interior porches, halls, boot rooms and kitchens.

Browse through our new brochure and visit our Style File for more information on the new additions, and, as ever, look at our Pinterest boards for more inspiring images