Fashions change, but black and white tiles will always be stylish

Friday 29 September 2017, Written by Nan Nawrocki

There’s always a buzz around colour and trend predictions for the next season or the next year. However it’s reassuring to know that some colours and combinations are beyond fashion and fleeting trends.  And it holds good for interiors as well as catwalks. As Coco Chanel said, ‘Fashion changes, but style endures.’

So here is an unashamed celebration of black, white and grey Victorian Floor Tiles patterns and decorated tiles for paths and porches, halls, kitchens and bathrooms.  Of course, installing tiles like these is an investment of time and money but it will pay off over time: they are hard wearing, long lasting, for inside and exteriors, provide kerb appeal and undoubtedly add value to your home.  They are beautiful and enduringly stylish too (and available in other colours if you like).

Looking for a Victorian tiled floor but don’t know where to start? Check out our Tile Visualiser to see how the pattern could look in various room options and visit your local retailer who can show you samples and help you choose the best pattern for your house.  And for more inspiration go to our gallery, Pinterest pages, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.