Five great reasons for using glass tiles in your home

Thursday 15 October 2015, Written by

You only have to browse through our Glassworks, Splashbacks and Mosaics collections to realise just how versatile glass can be. Here are some more reasons to consider glass mosaics or tiling for your next kitchen or bathroom project:

1. Size and coverage

The sizes of large format glass tiles (600 x 300mm) and splashbacks (600 x 750mm and 900 x 750mm) mean that they are quick to install. Minimal grout gaps are an added advantage, so you have a more streamlined look.

2. Choice of sizes

The Glassworks collection includes tiles from 48 x 48mm square, 398 x 198mm bricks to hexagon shapes mosaics and bevelled bricks as well as the large formats above, so there are plenty of shapes to choose from. Mosaics generally come in sheets of around 300 x 300mm and are easily cut to fit around electrical plugs and cupboards.

3. Colours

Glassworks colours range from Arctic White to Indus Black and plenty inbetween, with clear glass, frosted glass, metallic effect and other stunning decorative motifs. Mosaics are available in just about every hue from subtle to bling, iridescent to pearly effects.

4. Texture

You can achieve a textured look and still have smooth surfaces with Glassworks decorative tiles: wrought iron, silver foil, crushed pearl, etched flowers are all available.

5. Shine and reflection

Glossy walls work their magic in kitchens - use under cupboard lighting for extra effect. High shine bathrooms banish gloomy corners. A quick wipe with glass cleaner or an e-cloth gets rid of smeary surfaces and returns glass tiles to their gleaming glory.

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