Five reasons to choose tiles for your floors

Thursday 24 September 2015, Written by

1     Because they are stylish

Compliment the style of the room and the rest of your home with floor tiles. Choose from Tileworks for the latest trends and incredibly realistic effects of concrete, metal, wood and stone, with neutral shades, large formats, innovative textures and fabulous finishes.

The Earthworks range of natural stone has tiles and mosaics with character and tactile finishes of polished, honed and tumbled. Discover cool marbles, warm terracotta, dark slate and pale travertine. For classic and traditional styles, look at Victorian Floor Tile designs and for informal style, colour and global influences, explore our Odyssey Collection.

2     Durability is important

Both porcelain and vitrified ceramic tiles will stand up to a lot of wear and tear, making them probably the best materials for floors in kitchens and hallways and other high traffic areas. Most natural stone tiles and mosaics are great for these areas too.

3     Longevity matters too

Install a floor of natural stone, porcelain or ceramic floor tiles and it will repay you with many years of use.

4     They need to be fit for purpose  

Obviously you need tiles that are suitable for your location: we don't recommend highly polished tiles for bathroom floors as they could become slippery for bare feet when wet. The best finish for a bathroom is structured and tiles that have been tested for low slip potential. Floors in kitchens, utility rooms, cloakrooms and halls will need to be easy to clean and hard wearing. Odyssey and Victorian Floor tiles and some Tileworks tiles are suitable for external use. Make sure you check the suitability before you start your project!

5     They have to be easy to clean and maintain

Porcelain tiles are easy to keep clean. They should be sealed when they are installed and after that will only need sweeping and light mopping. Sealing is also necessary for vitrified ceramic tiling and regular cleaning will keep it looking good for years. Natural stone needs sealing too, and some will need annual sealing to ensure it keeps its beauty (read our Fixing Guide for more information).

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