Flavours of Morocco

Thursday 12 February 2015, Written by

Here under February's grey skies summer still feels a long way off. If you are dreaming of holidays and sunnier locations, we hope that this week's blog and the images below will put you in the mood for some of the flavours of Morocco for both inside and outside your home.

Mediterranean countries have a long tradition of clay or ceramic floor tiles which help keep rooms cool during hot summers. The designs in our Odyssey floor tiles were inspired by travel and cultures of different countries so many of the tile patterns provide a hint of Moroccan style without going overboard. They are also suitable for walls as well.

Inner courtyards are a feature of Morocco, secretly enclosed within the house walls away from noisy streets. Although our architectural styles may be different a small courtyard could include some of these features and become your sanctuary from the outside world. Here are a more few ideas to create Moroccan inspired interiors (and exteriors):

Outside spaces: splashy water features, shaded seating, areas defined by tiling on walls and floors

Floors: patterned tile designs and borders to create a rug effect

Colours: rich blues of azure and cobalt; jade greens; earthy reds such as rust, terracotta, henna; bright white walls to act as a contrast

Textures: richly patterned damasks, filmy gauzy drapes, lattice effect screens

Accessories: gilded tea glasses, embossed and pierced metalwork, lanterns, candle light, cushions, rustic earthenware pottery

Don't forget to read Sarah's Moroccan Bazaar blog, and look at our Odyssey Pinterest pages for more inspiration