How to incorporate decorative tiles into your home

Friday 14 October 2016, Written by Nan Nawrocki

Tags: Decorative

You don’t have to look too far to see that strong colours and intense patterns are forecast to be big for the coming season in the worlds of interior design and fashion. However colours and patterns have never really been out of style and anyway, if you love something why would you dismiss it just because it’s not on trend? The Victorians were on to something with their bold colours and highly decorative styles, and we’ve recreated some of these in our recently refreshed Artworks Collection.

Pattern. Repeat.

Add a pretty decorative border tile to enhance a row of tiling here and there, or create a patchwork pattern of floral tiles. Our tile sets started out as panels for fireplaces (also much loved by the Victorians) and they also happen to look stunning in a traditional bathroom.

Artworks tiles in deep colours have a beautiful reflective quality and can add an air of opulence to a room – Victorian Green, Baroque Blue, Royal Blue and Burgundy are all authentically Victorian colours that also work their magic in these classic settings.

Why not browse through our new brochure for more information on the whole range? Read our recent blog for an inspirational bathroom revamp in a lovely traditional Welsh home and you can also visit our Pinterest pages, Facebook and see the latest news and installations on Twitter.