Ideas for tiling with decorative tiles

Friday 28 August 2015, Written by

Tags: Decorative

Inspired by our Style File to get decorative? Here are some more ideas on using decorative tiling around your home.

Patchwork: mixing different patterns together in a seemingly random fashion is not as dangerous as it sounds! Keep to similar colours and you can't really go wrong. Tapestry blue and white tiles look clean and crisp as a kitchen splashback. Or create an individual look with the grey tones of Odysseyfloor tiles.

Borders: a subtle hint of decoration adds interest to an otherwise plain wall. Look at our Artworks Collection for a wide range of decorated borders, trimsand mouldings that can be used to separate areas of different colours, or to finish a row of tiling.

Texture: we have a huge number of Mosaics for walls that have decorative motifs and textured pieces, these look great in a bathroom either as a panel or to line an alcove. Floors can be given the decorative treatment too, with basketweave patterns in stone and porcelain mosaics.

Picture this: Glassworks includes lots of large format glass tiles with decorative effects, from metallics to floral designs. For pretty hand decorated images of butterflies, bugs and flowers, browse through our Winchester Tile Company Collection. You'll also find tiles that spell out herbs and wines for your kitchen walls.

Floors: look no further than our Odyssey and Victorian Floor Tile collections to give your floors a decorative treat: these tiles can be used outside and inside for paths, terraces, hallways, conservatories, kitchens and  bathrooms.  Use decorated tiles wall to wall such as Salisbury, or create a simple or complex pattern from individual pieces and include decorated tiles into the design. Browse our brochures for photography to get more ideas.

As always you can get more inspiration from our Pinterest boards, and if you need help with choosing, why not visit your local retailer for advice and guidance?