In neutral

Friday 19 February 2016, Written by

Fashion is fleeting by nature; trends come along and then go again. And then there are the classics. The neutral palette can be all of these, which just goes to show that you simply can't go wrong if you make room for neutrals in your home! Particularly when it comes to choosing tiles, when you are probably looking for a longish term investment that you won't want to change on a regularly basis.

Neutral colours (if you are being picky, these are really non-colours as they do not appear on the colour wheel) are white, grey, black, also beige and brown. They are easy to use and don't clash with each other. But care is needed to stop your room becoming bland and boring. Provide a neutral, elegant, timeless backdrop and then you can embrace the latest fashions in interiors - use less permanent features such as accessories to ring the changes with colours and textures. 

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