Inspirational field tiles – simple meets stylish

Friday 27 November 2015, Written by

Tags: Wall

This week we're all in favour of simplicity. This doesn't mean that 'stylish' leaves the room in a huff - in fact most of the time simple can mean the elegance of clean lines and nothing to complicate the main message. Take the field tile. It gets its name because an expanse of these unadorned tiles creates a field against which decorated tiles, mouldings and borders stand out. However they should be celebrated in their own right as well, for their colour and shine and ability to transform a kitchen splashback or a bathroom wall.

Why not browse through our wall tile collections of Artworks, La Belle Collection and Winchester to enjoy the ranges of beautiful colours and translucent glazes. Winchester Arcadian tiles have a crackled, aged surface and the colours in Artworks are rich and reflective.

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