Inspiring ideas for tiles in small spaces

Friday 17 March 2017, Written by Nan Nawrocki

Tags: Hall, Porch, Path

You can still have grand designs even if they are for small areas such as halls, porches, kitchens, cloakrooms and cramped bathrooms. There’s no need to be daunted by tiling in such spaces either! Here are some ideas to inspire you to get creative with colours, patterns, different shapes and finishes:

  • Pale coloured wall tiles from Artworks and the Winchester Tile Company can brighten up small enclosed areas
  • Use different tile layouts to give an illusion of width or height
  • Go bespoke and design your own Victorian floor tile porch and be as bold or as subtle as you like
  • Give your home extra kerb appeal with a welcoming porch
  • Don’t be afraid of colour and pattern – small areas are perfect for letting your personality shine
  • Mosaic flooring is an easy win for utility rooms and bathrooms
  • Use tiles in different ways to add colour or pattern to a room

If you would like to see how different rooms can look when you change the tile colour or pattern, have a go with our clever new Tile Visualiser!  You can also visit our Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for more inspiration and ideas.