Kitchen Splashbacks

Thursday 14 November 2013, Written by

Tags: Kitchen

Kitchen surfaces have to cope with whatever is thrown at them - and inevitably things can sometimes get messy! So the walls behind working areas such as hobs, cookers and sinks need to be practical and easy to clean as well as attractive. And that's where tiles come in.

Glass is the obvious choice. Our large panel Splashbacks are made from heat-resistant toughened glass, so perfectly safe to use behind heat sources. There are lots of colours and different effects to choose from, and they have matching upstands too. Glass tiles are equally practical (although not heat-resistant, so make sure they are installed at least 3cm from direct heat sources). They also come in any number of shades and formats (bevelled tiles are very popular at the moment).

Mosaics are a good choice for kitchen walls: metalstone and glass all work well in kitchens. And our many ranges of ceramic tiles include those designed exclusively for kitchen use.

Is your dream kitchen contemporarytraditional, rustic or minimalist? There are so many colours, materials, formats and styles to choose from, there is bound to be a tile to suit your kitchen right down to the ground. Or to the top of the worktop anyway.