Our top 15 kitchens

Friday 25 November 2016, Written by Nan Nawrocki

Tags: Kitchen, Traditional, Contemporary

The kitchen – it’s meant to be the heart of the home. Does your kitchen fit the bill or does it need a bit of love? Sometimes just a few tweaks are all that’s needed, sometimes only a complete makeover will do! Here are some of our favourites to inspire you, with styles from farmhouse country kitchen to modern minimalist, from traditional to eclectic.

Nothing says farmhouse kitchen more than a floor of rustic slate, limestone or other natural stone. Add a sprinkling of decorated tiles to depict elements of the rural idyll, a huge range cooker and the aroma of baking bread to complete the picture.

When less is more, the clutter definitely has to go. Sleek surfaces and clean lines are the bywords of minimalist and modern. Use large format tiles on floors and walls for a seamless look. A neutral palette helps with the feeling of space and airiness.

If eclectic is more your style, incorporate colour and pattern however you like to make your kitchen totally individual. Break the rules – use glittering mosaics around the sink, put floor tiles on the wall, mix patterns and materials, whatever works for you.

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