Porcelain - Material of the Moment

Thursday 24 October 2013, Written by

As there are so many terms for various types of porcelain tiles you could become confused by through bodied, double pressed, double loaded and so on. However the only thing that really matters is that porcelain is produced according to internationally recognised standards, it is really tough and doesn't need any upkeep other than cleaning. It won't fade and can take a lot of wear and traffic. So this hard wearing and versatile material is suitable for many walls and floors in rooms around the home (you will also see it in used in commercial applications because of its durability).

As well as its track record for practicality, porcelain tiling is available in many different forms, colours and textures and is likely to appeal to a wide range of home decorators:

• the contemporary look of concrete
• tiles that look exactly like natural stone such as limestone and slate
• tiles that replicate the textures of wood and even animal prints
• slip resistant flooring for bathrooms
• ultra-thin and extra-large formats for quick makeovers
• colours that range from white to black

For more inspiration you can browse through our Tileworks brochure. There are more exciting products due early next year too, so do keep visiting for further inspiration and information.