Reflection Perfection

Tuesday 14 July 2015, Written by

As our Style File this week discusses, we have a huge number of glossy, shiny and reflective tiles in our many collections of tiles for both walls and floors. Reflective surfaces are more often than not smooth too, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. They can be used to make a room look bigger and lighter too. Here is just a small selection of our reflective tiles to inspire you to install them in your bathroom, kitchen or other living spaces:

Glassworks and Splashbacks, as you would expect, have the biggest range of reflective wall tiles. Large format tiles (600 x 300mm) or splashbacks (600 x 750mm and 900 x 750mm) cover large expanses of wall with minimal grout gaps, and will give plenty of light reflection from windows and other light sources. Glassworks has other formats too, including bevel tiles, and a huge range of colours to suit your mood and style.

The Artworks Collection field and half tiles and mouldings are also very glossy, with colours from Brilliant White to deep Jet Black, and there are Platinum and Gold tiles to choose from too. These are almost mirror like in their reflective qualities.

A glance through our Mosaics brochure will reveal an amazing array of reflective mosaics, particularly in the Glass and Metal sections. One in particular needs a mention: El Divino mirror mosaic.

Polished floor tiles, either in natural stone from Earthworks or porcelain from Tileworks can also bounce light around a room and look stunning in hallways, dining/living rooms and kitchens (although not in bathrooms for safety reasons).

Winchester Tiles, our stylish collection of hand crafted wall tiles and coordinating mouldings includes many examples of highly glazed finishes in a range of colours. Cosmopolitan field tiles are slightly undulating and rustic but still very reflective and are available in some stunning richly deep colours as well as China White shown below. Visit the website for the full range.

Read the Style File for more on reflective tiles, visit our Pinterest pages for inspiration and browse through our tiles to find the perfect tiles for your next tiling project.