Shine on with the metallic look

Thursday 5 May 2016, Written by Nan Nawrocki

There’s space for a little bit of shine in every house. If you love shiny surfaces you can keep it subtle or turn up the volume with metallics. It’s a look that rarely goes out of style and you can introduce it into your home with all sorts of accessories and of course, tiling. Here are some minimalist and rather less subtle ways to add metallic tiles to bathrooms, kitchens and other living spaces:

 Gold, silver, copper and a wrought iron effect all look fabulous encased within our Glassworks tiles (which makes them suitable for wet areas). Use for a stunning feature wall.

Try Artworks metallic tiles for all out glamour, and Winchester Tile Company Foundry tiles for glow and drama

Mosaics which include metal pieces add character to a neutral décor  

For a more industrial style, Tileworks metallic effect tiles have an aged and worn appearance

Real stainless style mosaics (brushed or polished) give your kitchen a professional finish

 You can browse within our easy to use new website for all metallic tiles and create your own wishlist, and why not visit our Pinterest pages which are full of inspiring images too.