Spring Greens

Monday 4 April 2016, Written by

It's official - it really is spring now, and as far as the birds, bees and plants are concerned, there's no holding back. And with the Easter weekend nearly upon us it's the time when a lot of us start thinking about our homes and gardens and how we can improve them! Here are some of our favourite spring themed images to inspire your next project, from kitchens to bathrooms and also the great outdoors. Enjoy the long weekend.

Glassworks Collection for glass tiles in green and blue hues

Artworks and La Belle Collection for a range of colours, tube-lined and hand-decorated tiles, with flowers and foliage

Odyssey floor tiles come in gorgeous muted colours of jade, pale green and denim blue

Try Mosaics for pastels and shimmering shell

Visit our Winchester Tile Collection website for the subtle colours of Cosmopolitan, decorated Chateaux and amazing hand crafted panels of chickens, geese and hares

Head over to our Style File for some timely advice on incorporating spring colours into your home décor, and why not browse through our Pinterest boards for more inspiration?