The Conservatory Manifesto

Friday 17 April 2015, Written by

This week's style file looks at a question we often get asked: 'which floor tiles are suitable for my conservatory?'  Well, in most cases, if a tile is suitable for a floor then it should be fine for most areas. However the extra rigours that a conservatory, garden room or areas with a lot of traffic will face, it's best to use tiling that can really stand up to hard wear and tear.

Natural stone
Earthworks is our natural stone collection. Most of the slate, tumbled marble and particularly limestone tiles will stand up to heavy traffic. As there's so much choice it will be down to personal taste, and there are plenty of colours and finishes to choose from. Terracotta's rustic tones would look great in a rustic garden room.

The beauty of porcelain is its durability. The Tileworks Collection includes tiles that are as tough as boots and also deliver in style and good looks: choose from wood effect planking for extra slip resistant qualities, slate effect, or the Mineral range's structured tiles for low slip potential.

The Victorian Floor Tile and Odyssey ranges look stunning anywhere. Why not enjoy their gorgeous good looks in a conservatory setting?

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