Thinking Outside the Square

Tuesday 17 June 2014, Written by

Tiles are either square or rectangular no matter what size they are - from the tiniest 48 x48mm (17/8" x 17/8") glass drop-ins to large format porcelain floor tiles. You'll need to consider the configuration of your tiles long before committing adhesive to trowel (see our Tiling Guide). Decide on the overall look you want to achieve and what suits your particular style. Here are the main formats:

Line it up

A formal layout for plain square wall tiles, and for larger format floor tiles

Also for tiles with repeating patterns

Brick bond

Offsetting tiles, usually rectangular but also looks good with squares


A classic style for flooring (especially parquet wooden floors), which is increasingly popular for walls  too

Pattern designs

Sets of differently sized floor tiles are available which can be laid out in established patterns (or you can design your own configurations)

The easy way

Alternatively, you can install mosaics which come in different formats and generally interlock with each other, providing a seamless look